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Paxforex account types

Currently PaxForex has the leader position among brokers. The company is developing rapidly, increasing its customer base. A team of professionals provides traders with high-quality services, services, technologies and a maximum of useful information. PaxForex will help to open a real account on Forex, and also guarantees comprehensive customer support in the course of cooperation.

Nowadays, PaxForex has 4 types of Forex trading accounts. We are sure that you will easily make a choice. Our main task is to provide our clients with the most favorable and comfortable conditions for trading on the stock exchange regardless of the type of account chosen.

 Full access to the high-tech trading platform MetaTrader4 can be done in case if the user follows the procedure for registering the Forex. Thanks to this platform, you will always be aware of all important trends in the market: here are graphs, technical indicators, and the possibility of automated trading. After opening an account with Forex, you get one more important advantage: access to mobile trading software. It will not be superfluous to access data from your real Forex accounts.

In addition, PaxForex customers are always informed due to the current financial news provided by our experts. We remind you that each of the clients can contact the specialists of the company at any time. Ways of communication: telephone, e-mail or online chat. Those who decide to register this account, will have an opportunity to join a team of professionals.

 Mini forex account

Usually newcomers open this type of account. So you can start trading with a deposit of $ 100. The trader will not be exposed to high risks. Trading opportunities include various currencies, as well as gold and silver.

 FIX - Account with Fixed Spread

This is classic solution on the Forex. So, after registering it account, user gets a fixed 4-digit spread. Such  account is suitable for experienced traders or a novice who is not satisfied with a non-fixed 5-digit spread. These conditions allow to trade with a small amount of $ 100. Trading opportunities: currency, gold and silver.

 Standard Forex Account

This type of account is recommended to open to more experienced traders who are already perfectly oriented in the features of the financial market. The initial deposit is $ 2,000, but this amount can be increased to $ 9,999. This account will please you with the lowest possible spreads. Like other accounts, the trading opportunities include currencies, gold and silver.

 VIP-account Forex

The initial deposit on this account is 10 thousand dollars. These accounts are opened exclusively by professional traders. The advantages of the VIP account include low spreads, as well as wider trading opportunities - currencies, CFDs, gold, silver, stocks. An important advantage of the owners of these accounts is the opportunity to contact the personal manager in person by chat, e-mail or telephone.

 Cent account

Created especially for beginners of the Forex market, the cent account is subject to only minimal risks. A cent market Forex account is the best way to create your own trading strategy in terms of trading for real money. It is also great for testing automatic advisers.

Experts recommend, after the Forex registration, to open at first a ruble account of Forex (or another currency) in the format "Mini". After studying the features and creating an effective trading strategy, move on, opening accounts with more opportunities.