Blue Flower

Each and every Forex broker is interested in attraction of as many clients, as it’s possible. As for
the clients of Paxforex, for them are created al the conditions for resultative and effective work.
And today there is a possibility to use IB banners. For sure. They will help to attract more
Banners are a universal partner tool for attracting new customers. This section presents banners
that reflect the advantages, services and unique offers of Paxforex.
You can place a banner on your site, in a blog or any other web resource. The more visitors of
your resource will see the banner, the more will be the coverage of the audience, more transitions
on the banner, which means a higher chance of opening a trading account.
Place one of the stylish partner banners of Paxforex. on your website, blog or forum and turn
visitors to your resource into real money! How to do it? Nowadays it’s very easy, and IB partner
will have to spent just a small effort to get what is needed.
Nowadays a lot of people have own website or blog, which are a great source with a constant
flow of visitors. And each thoughtful owner for sure can use this opportunity to raise the level of
own income. Company specialists did their nest to provide its clients with the best banners,
which for sure will work.
What is it profitable for you?
The banner works with the maximum coverage, in a prominent place it will be visible to all
visitors to your site.
You have nothing to lose and absolutely no risk - on the contrary, every click on the banner
brings you closer to getting a consistently high income.
Toy doesn’t have to make sales. In fact, the banner and reputation of our company will do it for
you. You just need to use the result.
The banner works with a long-term effect - a visitor who moved from your site is assigned to
you, even if he did not open a trading account right away.
Such a banner, which was created by leading designers and developers, will certainly decorate
your resource.
One of the main decisions for each client is to choose the right place for installation of banner.
How to set up a banner?
Instalation of banner will not take much of your time. Just go to your Personal Area, and select
the needed page, where you will see a set of stylish advertising banners for every taste! In order
to place a banner on your resource, simply take the ready-made accommodation code from the
Banners page. Your affiliate link is already there.
To install a banner on your site, you must have a partner account opened and activated.
The company Paxforex for your convenience offers a catalog of promotional materials. It was
even more convenient to attract customers to the company!
Logos of Paxforex company, banners in different sizes - all this is created for your benefit!
The Partner's own banner is very easy to obtain. For this you just need to use the designer of
partner banners. Select the desired size of the forex banner, select the banner language and enter
the number of your Partner ID. Automatically generate your own HTML-code of the banner with
your Partner ID.

Thus, you have the opportunity to independently edit the banner for your needs. In case if there
are any queries, each client can use the opportunity to contact specialists who will provide
professional answer on all the questions.
Paxforex company constantly works on its development and expansion of the range of proposals.
So, everyone who comes here. It will be easy to find a suitable solution within the established