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Forex deposit

In Forex terminology, a deposit is a sum of money that a market participant deposits on his trading account, opened with a broker, dealing center or bank, for independently performing operations on stock exchanges. In addition, a forex deposit is an insurance deposit for a broker when using a leverage.

Conventionally, the deposit in trading on the Forex market can be divided into three types:

 Personal funds of the trader

This is the money that the trader has deposited into his deposit and which he can dispose of at his own discretion.

 Bonus funds of the broker

These are the funds that are accrued to a trading account by a broker within the framework of any competition or promotion. Typically, this money is purely for trade and is not available for withdrawal or available after a number of certain conditions have been met.

 Virtual Tools

Virtual funds, which are accrued by the broker when trading on a demo account. Do not represent any value. Naturally, there is no question of any input / output of funds to the demo account.

 Where is the foreign deposit displayed?

The size of your deposit can be seen in the trader's personal account on the broker's website/ As for Paxforex, its interface is very easy-understandable and details. So, it will be not a big problem to get all the necessary information from the personal account.

 Minimum deposit

Among novice traders and traders who test trading strategies, a forex small deposit is popular. Currently, almost all forex brokers and dealing centers provide accounts like "Micro" or "Mini", which among traders were called "centers". The advantage of these accounts is that a minimum deposit on them can be from a few cents. Such accounts are not suitable for earning, but are the best option for switching from a demo account to a real one and testing forex trading strategies.

 It may sound strange, but there is a possibility to trade on forex without a deposit. There are two possible options:

 Participation in tenders of traders

Forex brokers and dealing centers periodically conduct forex contests, participation in which can accept all, without exception, traders. Traders' contests are usually held on demo accounts, but the prize is real money, which you can already trade.

 Posting on forex forums

Some forex forums charge the user a certain amount for writing posts or comments in forum topics. If a trader has something to share (flooding in such forums is not welcomed and is severely suppressed), then for his posts, he receives money that is transferred to his trading account. As a rule, these funds come in the form of a bonus, available for trading. The profit gained through such bonuses is already a personal means of the trader.

 Offer from Paxforex

Nowadays this trader offers its users unique opportunity to start earning without big efforts. For traders there are all the possibilities for development and personal progress.  You can get bonuses for trading on Forex to the account right now. Many people ask themselves: is it better to have a no deposit bonus or an account replenishment bonus? The answer is obvious; the deposit bonus is more profitable. So, to get a deposit bonus Forex with the withdrawal of profits, join a team of professionals. With PaxForex, both beginners and experienced traders feel confident, because the company is continuously improving the terms of trade. One of the key advantages is a bonus of 100 percent of the deposited deposit to the Forex account.