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Master IB

The essence of Master IB partnership

Master IB partnership is a convenient format for mutually beneficial cooperation between the brokerage company (dealing center) and the partner-user. The process is based on the mechanism for attracting new customers to the broker's site, where for registration of the user or for carrying out certain actions, the attracting partner receives a commission. A broker's partner can be almost any adult citizen who is capable of promoting the company's services and attracting new customers using the materials provided or independently selecting tools and technologies.

 What is the partnership program at all? This is an opportunity for an outsider to become an agent of a broker. Its task will be to attract a client base for the broker. And the payment will depend entirely on how many future traders he will be able to find, and how qualitatively they will work.


The general advantages of Master IB partnership are obvious:


  • work with a well-known global brand;
  • full information and advertising support;
  • advanced opportunities for distance learning and advanced training;
  • participation in events for partners.


You can work as a partner in three ways:

- attract customers and get rewards;

- advertise forex on your website;

- become a certified partner.

A partner who attracted clients receives a monthly commission depending on the volume of their transactions. You may not be a talented trader for a note, but if your client has come to Paxforex on your recommendation, you will be rewarded during his entire time on the stock exchange. To do this, it is enough to register as a customer and get a special agency link. Each new client that will indicate it during registration will be assigned to you for the duration of its work on Paxforex. So, the commission is charged to the partner in the case of opening an account after a simple transition through his banner, and that the partner receives the commission, the subpartner does not need to specify anything else, since everything happens automatically. Your profit will be calculated in tens of dollars for every million of the aggregate profits of the clients you attract. If you want to receive more, you should turn to more resource-intensive partner programs.

 Master IB partnership contain elements of advertising companies that have provided you with a partner service. The range of possibilities here is huge. You, as a partner, can be provided with:

- advertising link or banner for posting on any of your website or on a personal page in social networks;

- the possibility of creating a special page in social networks;

- specialized content for your site: news RSS feeds, financial informers, video materials;

- site for financial topics.

The larger and more complex the advertising you are willing to manage, the more significant your reward from participating in this affiliate program. Master IB partnership can become both a convenient option for additional earnings, as well as a full-fledged own business. Perhaps, in a few years after starting work, you can create your own large Internet portal, where the best financial organizations will be advertised. The profit can range from several tens to several thousand dollars a month - it all depends on how much you own Internet technology and how much you are willing to spend your time.

 To sum up it should be said that it definitely worth attention, because this offer is a real possibility to earn money.