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Forex Rebate Program

Many traders for sure saw an active advertising rebate service. And as the practice shows, there
is real need for this service to an ordinary trader in the Forex market.
Forex rebate is the same as the spread rebate. This concept was derived from the English phrase
forex rebate. The word rebate is applicable not only in the Forex industry, it means the return to
the buyer of a part of the cost of goods (services).
PaxForex - Forex Rebate Program allows verified customers to return part of the spread
(commission) on all types of accounts. The higher your turnover per month - the more Rebates
you can get. The received funds can be disposed of without any restrictions. This service itself
nowadays is rather popular, so no big surprise that its fully reliable, so it worth trying to deal
with it.
For IB’s this is real opportunity to attract new clients, because it’s really profitable solution.
How does it work?
You register on the website of the company offering a spread-back service and open an account
with the forex broker with which the company has a partnership agreement. Then you make
trading transactions on the account and get a refund of the spread part to your payment details in
the form of cash directly from the company providing this service. It's pretty simple.
Rebates received are not bonus means and are not burdened with additional conditions - the
client can dispose them the way he wants.
Detailed statistics on the implementation of the turnover on the account is available to everyone
in their personal account.
Why does this work?
Brokers spend a lot of money on attracting new customers, signing partnership agreements with
companies to return the spread is one of the marketing tools. Brokers transfer to them not 100%
of their incomes from the client, but only a part (from 20 to 70%), therefore they still do not
remain in the loser. The company, which provides services for the return of the spread, also
leaves part of the funds to itself, and feeds on that. It turns out a mini food chain Trader - Broker
- Rebate service - Trader.
How much can you earn on the return of a spread?
It also should be pointed out that the spread-back service is an opportunity to receive additional
revenue when trading Forex. If you multiply the amount by the number of committed, for
example, within a month, transactions, you get a tangible earnings on the rebate payments.
For example, per month the trader made 100 deals. In this case, the rebate service will return it $
18 x 100 = $ 1800. As you can see, the amount is quite weighty. So each and every who is
interested in making good money for sure can fulfill this task here.
Technically, the return of a spread is not anything complicated and each broker seeks to create a
large partner network in order to attract customers.
Also, by reducing or increasing the level of rebate payments, forex brokers can stimulate interest
in currency pairs with lower liquidity and greater overall trade costs.
Rebate on forex: pluses and minuses
A positive aspect of the use of the rebate services is the directly proportional dependence of the
received remuneration on the number of committed trade transactions and the possibility of
participating in the bonus and competitive programs that the rebate service conducts.

The downside for the trader is his desire to open more deals in the pursuit of reward increase,
which, as a rule, leads to violation of the rules of money management and the risk of losing the
deposit. But this problem can ne easily solved and careful and attentive attitude.