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Regional representative

The Regional Representative is a cooperation program designed for experienced partners who have extensive experience in the Forex market in their region or region, and also have their own active client base.

This program can also become an additional opportunity for many companies that want to expand their current business.

 Affiliate Program Overview

Forex trading can be both a profitable hobby and become the main type of earnings. Service (Paxforex) - one of the brokers, which will help a beginner or occasional trailer to increase the available capital. Works on the financial market since 2010. The main office of the company is in the UK, London. It has a license under number 21973 IBC 2014. PaxForex's rating is equal to 9.3 out of 10 - the analysis is made on the basis of 100 qualified reviews on the convenience of work and profitability of the platform. The broker opens new horizons in trading on Forex, providing minimal risks for large leverage (1: 1 - 1: 500). Operates on a proven platform MT4. The service is available to the client in eight languages.

 Key features of PaxForex

- The presence of free demo accounts that allow you to learn Internet trading without losing personal funds.

- Block of additional information - Forex books, training for trading, the opportunity to take training courses, analytical tools, guide on MT4.

- Availability of useful services for work - fundamental analysis, Forex recommendations, Forex calculator, Forex calendar and blog.

- Absence of difficulties with the registration and opening of a trading account. The whole procedure takes no more than 10 minutes.

- Personal manager who is ready to answer all questions of the user.

 - Good conditions for implementation - a broad leverage, good spreads. Low spreads customers of the service receive without restrictions and commissions, in absolutely any trading volumes and currency.

- Absence of commission for operations on international transfers. The condition does not include debit cards, where the commission is charged only for the costs of the payment system.

- The availability of round-the-clock support, which will help the trader beginner in questions with determining the fluctuations of the dollar, determining the most popular trend, etc.

 Earnings on the affiliate program

In addition to trading on the stock exchange, PaxForex offers to receive additional revenue from a successful partnership with the broker. The company guarantees from itself:

 - high commissions;

- step-by-step strategy of cooperation;

- provision of a personal IB section on the service;

- encouraging registered customers to return the spread;

- profitable partner commissions for those trading accounts that have a deposit bonus;

- execution of financial transactions through a local representative;

- a full package of functional tools for work;

- financial transfers between IB accounts.

 The partnership program provides for two types of cooperation - through the CPA and as deductions from the income received. A three-level reward system has been developed. For the trading of clients, the broker promises 80% of the spread for each of the completed transactions. The average CPA revenue is $ 660.

 The more trading experience and your progress in collecting an active team, the higher the career ladder and the partner's income. You can become:


- IB-Representative;

- Master IB;

- Regional IB.

 For individuals who decided to try their hand at the Forex business under a separate brand, a separate affiliate program - White Label was developed.